If you value you website, then you need to read this. Contrary to popular belief your website doesn’t end when it goes live and is put online. You need to keep it online.

Maintenance Plan

    This should be a part of any existing or new website development.
  • Backups – You should include any files, images or databases required to build the website, take daily, weekly backups, remember to periodically test you can restore from these, and that you have a documented process on how to do it. Don’t rely on your ISP to backup your web-server
  • Disaster recovery – An essential part of any website is disaster recovery, you might think this can’t happen to me. Some of the most common problems experienced here are to do with climate changes, causing flooding and damage to power lines, you need to be ready and have a plan in place as it could be as simple as an unexpected hard disk failure to a hacker gaining access to your website. Incidentally there are now so many virus appearing every day that antivirus suppliers are starting to focus on recovery as well as prevention to combat the problem.
  • Site maintenance – You are probably running either a windows or Linux environment, which ever it is they both require updates, sometimes they cause unforeseen problems. Customers have told us how they need to apply the updates to protect there servers from new vulnerabilities being discovered everyday, but who has the time to test these on pre-production servers. Some of these updates run automatically in the middle of the night, what happens if it takes your website down?

Don’t hesitate

    Remember all websites go down, there is no ultimate guarantee of 100% up-time. Take advantage of our expertise and make sure you are remotely monitoring your website, be the first to receive an SMS when its down so that you can take action to get it back up and running.     It doesn’t matter what type of website you have make sure its up and running 24×7 365 days a year. Protect your investment, and help avoid those embarrassing moments.

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