Data Protection and Privacy Policy


The purpose of this policy is to explain how IpMxLabs a trading name of “Web Devices Ltd” collects, protects, and uses personal data. IpMxLabs is committed to ensuring that any personal data supplied by its customers or is otherwise generated by its business activities is collected and processed in a secure way.

What Types Of Personal Data Do We Collect?

IpMxLabs needs certain personal data to enable it to provide its products and services to its customers. The personal data collected will generally include: company name, billing address, postal address, email addresses, contact names and telephone numbers. The information is used to provide operational services to customers as well as support and billing. This information is collected during the signup process or via the online portal.

Credit card information Data Security

We do not store credit card details. Any credit card information entered online is sent encrypted to our payment gateway provider.

Sharing information with 3rd Parties

We believe that you are an important customer to us and as such we do not share any information with 3rd parties.

Internet Security

We would never request that you send us any credit card details via email. Please do not do so.